Message from the Founder.

Hello my Malaysian brothers and sisters!

When I write these words, I'm grateful to help the community, including you, especially by creating a CocoNet system. I never think I could have such best idea. I'm really happy to be able to invent the greatest system I have never thought of.

Telling story about experience, I cannot tell how much because it is too pain and sad. However, I realize I'm not the only person facing it but you guys too. Sometimes I'm not being able to withstand grief when I see the less fortunate.

I am involved in various businesses of affiliate, MLM and others in almost 20 years. I learned one thing that is NEVER SUCCESSFULLY THROUGHLY EVEN MAKING IT TO THE MAXIMUM. The factor? I will show it when CNE (CocoNet Enterprise) holds the workshop later.

With the CocoNet system, you are the boss and owner. Why I am offering RM5 capital for this high-value system? Many people cannot afford to invest it in higher value. Moreover, many people have been the victims of irresponsible and trustworthy traders. They are greedy so they can cheat even though we know we are not rich. I have experienced it by myself. Thus, I created this CocoNet system to save and success the communities. They are also able to earn it without fail.

My main principle:
If I want to be successful, I have to make people successful first.

I hope you use this principle so that you can successful easily.

I will waiting for you at P5K 3 Level.

Founder of CocoNet Enterprise


Extra Virgin Cocount Oil

Love Your Life


Electronic Voltan Regulator

Protect Your Transport's Health



Protect Your Health



Pengasas CocoNet dulunya ada keinginan, iaitu berjaya dalam perniagaan MLM lepas diperkenalkan oleh rakan pengasas. Ketika itu, pengasas baru tamatkan SPM. Namun, pengasas tersedar bahawa pengasas tak mampu berjaya lalu mencuba pelbagai bisnes hampir 20 tahun. Dalam 20 tahun itu, pengasas sedar bukan sahaja pengasas tapi ANDA juga ditipu oleh pelbagai skim. Masa itu, pengasas rasa geram sambil memikirkan, “Kita patut dibantu tapi pula kena tipu. Peniaga jenis apa itu?! Mereka ciptakan bisnes ditujukan untuk mencuri duit dari orang miskin seperti kita!”


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